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Image of the New Sanitary New Horizons DILBERT™ NEW HORIZONS® in Products for Sanitary Applications Version No. 27Contains over 200 pages of the latest information on top selling products for the sanitary food, beverage, pharmaceutical, bio-medical and related process markets or lab operations, including the Digital RTD Thermometers with NEMA 4 Enclosures for wash down, sanitary, and marine applications.

3-A approved, top selling products include Sanitary RTD Sensors, RTD Temperature Transmitters with 316 Stainless Steel Construction, ideal for Wash-down, Outdoor, Sanitary or Marine Environments and Wireless RTD Probe/Transmitter Assemblies for use in Sanitary Applications.

The literature is complete with 6 informative sections on Sanitary Temperature Sensors, Sanitary Process Sensors, Control/Displays, Enclosures/Components, Sanitary Laboratory Instruments, and Data Loggers.

A user-friendly index is available for easy product search, economical choices, popular models and accessories.

Also featured are 85 classic Dilbert Cartoons, easy ordering options including online shopping, technical assistance, and fast delivery.

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