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Air Line Filter/ Pressure Regulators for Pneumatic Control

B07 Inline Filter/Regulators for Compressed Air

Filter Regulators | B07  Inline Filter/Regulators for Compressed Air

Filter Regulators

CAD64.00 B07-201-M1KA

1 year warranty
  • Full Flow Gauge Ports
  • Excellent Flow and Regulation Characteristics
  • 5 Micron Filter Element
  • 1/4" PTF Supply & Gauge Ports
  • Reducer Bushings Available for 1/8" Ports
  • Maximum Pressure 7 bar (125 psig)
  • Transparent Polycarbonate Bowl
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General purpose air filter/pressure regulators are designed for in-line use as a single regulating control filtering source for compressed air. These air regulator/filters are full flow ported for excellent flow and regulation characteristics for pneumatic equipment. They are availanle in ¼" PTF threads, a transparent bowl, relieving diaphragm, gauge, automatic or manual drain and a 0.3 to 8.6 bar (5 to 125 psig) pressure adjustment range. They are suitable for a wide range of pneumatic tools and components and an excellent point of use filter/regulator. These units can be panel mounted with a 30 mm (1.19") diameter mounting hole or can be used with the optional bracket and panel nut. Reducer bushings are also available to use with 1/8" NPT threads.

Operating Temperature*: -30 to 50°C (-22 to 122°F)
Maximum Pressure: 8.6 bar (125 psig)
Body: Zinc
Bonnet: Acetal
Bowl: Transparent Polycarbonate
Valve Seat: Acetal
Element :
    B07: Sintered polypropylene
    B39: Synthetic fiber and polyurethane foam
* Air supply must be dry enough to avoid ice formation at temperatures below 2°C (35°F)
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Part Number/ Desc.
B07-201-M1AA Star
Availability: 1 week
¼" NPT Port , 1-10 psig, manual drain, no gauge
B07-201-M1KA Star
Availability: 1 week
¼" NPT Port , 5-100 psig, manual drain
B07-202-M1KA Star
Availability: 1 week
B07-201-M1KA with 0-100 PSI (7 BAR) gauge
B07-201-M1LA Star
Availability: 5 weeks
¼" NPT Port , 5-125 psig, manual drain
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B07-202-A1KA Star
Availability: 1 week
¼" NPT Port , 5-100 psig with gauge, automatic drain
L07-200-MPAA Star
Availability: 1 week
Mocro-Fog lubricator, 0.5 scfm @ 90 psig, 1/4 NPT ports.
AU-B79870309 Star
Availability: 1 week
Brass reducer bushing for 1/8 NPT connections, 1/4 NPT OD - 1/8 NPT ID, Qty 2 pcs.
OM-AIR-18-025-003 Star
Availability: 1 week
Mounting bracket and plastic panel nut
OM-AIR-3646-53 Star
Availability: 1 week
Replacement bowl with manual drain and O-ring
OM-AIR-3646-51 Star
Availability: 6 weeks
Replacement bowl with automatic drain and O-ring
OM-AIR-3820-02 Star
Availability: 3 weeks
Service kit including 5 µm filter element
OM-AIR-5726-04 Star
Availability: 1 week
5 µm replacement filter element
OM-AIR-18-013-203 Star
Availability: 1 week
Gage, (18" NPT), 1.5" diameter, 0 to 100 psi
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OM-AIR-18-013-212 Star
Availability: In Stock
Gage, (18" NPT), 1.5" diameter, 0 to 160 psi
Air Line Fittings and Tubing
OM-AIR-C24250428 Star
Availability: 7 weeks
Male straight adaptor, 1/4 NPT for 1/4" OD tubing
OM-AIR-C24250228 Star
Availability: 1 week
Male straight adaptor, 1/4 NPT for 5/32" OD tubing
OM-AIR-C24470428 Star
Availability: 1 week
90° Swivel elbow adaptor,1/4 NPT for 1/4" OD tubing
OM-AIR-C24470228 Star
Availability: 7 weeks
90° Swivel elbow adaptor, 1/4 NPT for 5/32" OD tubing
AU-B79870143 Star
Availability: 1 week
Male hex nipple, 1/4NPT
TYUTH95-532332-100 Star
Availability: 4 weeks
Air line tubing, 5/32" OD, 100ft., clear
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TYUTH95-14160-100 Star
Availability: 1 week
Air line tubing, 1/4" OD, 100ft. , clear
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