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Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

FPB100 Series

Paddlewheel Flow Sensor | Flow Sensors | FPB100 Series

Paddlewheel Flow Sensor | Flow Sensors

CAD655.00 FPB111

1 year warranty CE
  • 4 to 20 mA and Programmable Switch/Pulse Divider Output
  • Low Flow Capabilities from 0.1m/s (0.3 ft/s)
  • Polypropylene or PVDF Material
  • Installs into Pipe Sizes DN 15 to DN 200 (0.5 to 8")
  • Built-In User Interface for On-Site Configuration
  • Low Power and High Resolution
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The OMEGA® FPB100 Series flow sensor is the next generation in fluid measurement technology. This new sensor is an improvement on what is already an industry standard. It has the added functionality of various output options including flow switch, multi-functional pulse divider or 4 to 20 mA. Additionally, it offers low flow, low power and high resolution and can be configured onsite directly through the built-in user interface. Installation is simple because the OMEGA FPB100 Series utilizes the same fittings as the popular OMEGA FP5000 and FP8500 Series paddlewheel sensors and fits into pipe sizes ranging from DN15 to DN200 (0.5 to 8"). Available in polypropylene and PVDF, it is ideal for a variety of applications including chemical processing, water and wastewater monitoring and scrubber control.

Input Frequency Range: 1 to 1000 Hz
Operating Range: 0.1 m/s to 6 m/s (0.3 ft/s to 20 ft/s)
Linearity: ±1% of max range at 25°C (77°F)
Repeatability: ±0.5% of max range at 25°C (77°F)
System Response: 100 ms update rate nominal

Wetted Materials
Sensor Body: Polypropylene or PVDF (depending on model)
O-Ring: FPM
Rotor Pin:
   Titanium: Polypropylene models
   PVDF: PVDF models
   Black PVDF: Polypropylene models
   Natural PVDF: PVDF models

Pulse, Flow Switch
   Dry-Contact Relay: 24 Vdc nominal (21.6 Vdc min to 26.4 Vdc max) 30 mA max current
   Solid-State Relay: 5 to 24 Vdc nominal (5.0 Vdc min to 26.4 Vdc max) 30 mA max current
   4 to 20 mA: 12 Vdc to 32 Vdc nominal (10.8 Vdc min to 35.2 Vdc max) 21 mA max current
Reverse Polarity and Short Circuit Protection: Up to 40V, 1 hour
Over-Voltage Protection: >40 Vdc over 1 hour

Signal Averaging: Programmable 0 to 100 seconds
Sensitivity Response: Programmable 0 to 9 scale

Pulse Divider Setting: 1.0000 to 99999
Maximum Pulse Rate: 300 Hz
Maximum Pulse Width: 50 ms

Relay Modes: Low, high
Time Delay: 0.0 to 6400.0 seconds
Hysteresis: Adjustable in engineering units
Relay Specifications
   Mechanical SPDT: 5 A at 30 Vdc, 5 A @ 250 Vac
   Solid-State Relay: 100 mA at 40 Vdc, 70 mA @ 33 Vac
Current Output (Passive 4 to 20 mA)
Loop Accuracy: ±32 µA (at 25°C at 24 Vdc)
Loop Resolution: 5 µA
Temp. Drift: ±1 µA per °C max
Power Supply Rejection: ±1 µA per V
Max Cable: 300 m (1000')
Maximum Loop Resistance: 600 Ω @ 24 Vdc 1kΩ @ 32 Vdc
Max Temperature/Pressure Rating
Storage Temperature: -10 to 75°C (14 to 167°F)
Operating Temperature: 0 to 65°C (32 to 149°F)
Relative Humidity: 0 to 90% RH, non-condensing
Flow Sensor
   PP: 12.5 bar @ 20°C, 1.7 bar @ 85°C (180 psi @ 68°F, 25 psi @185°F)
   PVDF: 14 bar @ 20°C, 1.7 bar @ 85°C (200 psi @ 68°F, 25 psi @ 185°F)
Operating Temperature:
   PP: -18 to 85°C (0 to 185°F)
   PVDF: -18 to 85°C (0 to 185°F)
Standards and Approvals: NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure; CE approval
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Pulse Divider, SPDT Relay Outputs
FPB111 Star
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1/2 to 4" polypropylene
Pulse Divider, SSR outputs
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1/2 to 4" polypropylene
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1" Molded PVC SCH 40 installation fitting; see FP Series Fittings for additional fittings
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24 Vdc power supply
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4-conductor shielded cable, 30 m (100')
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Installation fitting ordered seperately.

Ordering Example:  (1) FPB111 Flow sensor with pulse divider output, CAD655.00  plus (1) PSU-93 24 Vdc power supply, CAD66.00  plus (1) TX4-100 Multi-conductor hook-up wire, CAD47.00, CAD655.00 + 66.00 + 47.00 = CAD768.00