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RTD Elements with 36 Inch Lead Wire and 2, 3 or 4 Wire Lead Configurations


RTD Elements with 36 Inch Lead Wire and  2, 3 or 4 Wire Lead Configurations | RTD-(*)-F3102

CAD58.00 RTD-1-F3102-36-T

  • Made from 100 Ω, .00385 alpha Elements
  • Class A Tolerance (+/- .06Ω at 0° C)
  • 2-, 3- or 4-Wire Welded Lead Configurations
  • 26 Gage, 36" Long Stranded Nickel-Plated Copper Leads,
  • Wire Insulation Choices: PFA, Fiberglass or No Insulation
  • Stripped Wire Termination Standard

  • Miniature or Standard Size Connector or Terminal Lug Termination
  • Other Elements Available: Alternative Tolerances, Ros, and/or Alpha Values
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All of OMEGA’s RTD elements can be supplied with additional lead wire attached to existing leads. Longer leads create more flexibility for use in many applications.

Pricing for several popular models is shown in the ordering table below. Use the Part Number Builder to obtain pricing for other models.
For complete product specifications see the Related Links section at the bottom of this page.
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Part Number/ Desc.
RTD-1-F3102-36-T Star
Availability: 1 week
A F3102 element, style 1, with 36 inch of PFA-insulated leads attached
RTD-1-F3102-36-B Star
Availability: 4 weeks
A F3102 element, style 1, with 36 inches of Bare leads attached
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RTD-2-F3102-36-G Star
Availability: 4 weeks
A F3102 element, style 2, with 36 inch of Fiberglass insulated leads attached
RTD-3-F3102-36-T Star
Availability: 2 weeks
A F3102 element, style 3, with 36 inch of PFA-insulated leads attached
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in Canadian currency. Note: These elements are not intended for direct immersion into liquids.
Style 2 is standard wire configuration. To order style 1 (2-wire), replace the “-2-” with “-1-”in the model number. To order style 3 (4-wire), replace the “-2-” with “-3-” in the model number.
For leads over 36", change the “36” in the model number to length desired and add $2.25/ft (Styles 2 & 3) or $1.40/ft (Style 1).
Other RTD elements are also available with lead wire attached; consult Sales for Availability and Pricing.
Terminations available: “-LUG”, add $4.50.
For miniature connectors, use suffix “-MTP” or “-OTP” for standard size connectors, and add $7.
Ordering Example: (1) RTD-1-F3102-36-T A F3102 element, style 1, with 36" PFA-insulated leads attached, CAD58.00

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3 for 4-wire

(2) Lead Wire Insulation Type select from:
T for PFA
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B for Bare
Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.