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28 Products found
Submersible Flat Surface pH/ORP Electrodes

The OMEGA™ PHE/ORE-6510 Series submersible electrodes are designed for use in drums, open tanks and streams, etc. The flat sensing surface is surrounded by a porous polyeth... Read More

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High Temperature Insertion Type Electrode

The high temperature insertion type electrode is designed for periodic exposure to steam sterilization or continuous high temperature. This pH electrode is housed in a dura... Read More

quickShip This product has variations available for quick shipping.

Retractable pH/ORP Electrodes for Tanks and Main Lines

The PHE-6821 Series electrodes and assemblies feature a retractable design for insertion into tanks and main lines. The assembly, when used with a 1" full port or large... Read More

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Glass-bodied and Refillable

pH Electrodes OMEGA’s glass-bodied, refillable (RF), combination pH electrodes are for general purpose laboratory measurements. The inert nature of the glass b... Read More

ISE Standards Isa & Reference Outer-fill Solutions

Omega's ISE-8700 high sensitivity ion-specific electrodes can measure down to 6.4 x 10^-4 PPM. Popular ISE-8700/8800 ion selective electrodes include: Fluoride, Copper,... Read More

Industrial Electrodes

Twist Lock Industrial Electrodes and Adaptors Specially designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, the twist lock-style combination electrode features a no... Read More

Bayonet Twist-Lock pH Sensor

The Model PHE-5555-10 pH electrode allows for quick insertion using our simple “twist and lock” adapter, as shown in the diagram above. This combination electrode incorpora... Read More

Heavy-Duty pH Sensor For Submersible Applications

The PHE-7352-15 is a combination pH sensor designed for insertable use in process and waste water applications where greater pipeline penetration is required. The outer bod... Read More

quickShip This product has variations available for quick shipping.

Triple Junction pH Electrode

The PHE-5433-10 electrode is housed in a robust, chemically resistant PPS body. This electrode has a triple junction reference cell of varying electrolytes and configuratio... Read More

Flat Surface In Line pH/ORP Electrodes

In-Line Electrodes The PHE/ORE-5460 in-line pH and ORP electrodes feature a flat self-cleaning abrasion-free surface. When exposed to turbulent flow, the resul... Read More

quickShip This product has variations available for quick shipping.

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