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DIN Rail Universal Smart Transmitter

Item# TXDIN101

DIN Rail Universal Smart Transmitter TXDIN101 TXDIN101
  • High Accuracy
  • Integral LED display
  • Universal Input: T/C, RTD and mV
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • Configuration and Calibrations are PC-based Software (It requires the USB cable p/n TX69-CABLE sold separately)
Number of Inputs
Input Type
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1-4 C$396.00
5-9 C$376.20
10-24 C$368.28
25-49 C$352.44
50-99 C$344.52
100+ C$336.60

In stock

Lead Time ( If not in Stock): 4 weeks

Product Specs

  • Form Factor Standard DIN rail
  • Form Factor Standard DIN rail

The TXDIN101 is a computerized, PC programmable, galvanically isolated two-wire smart transmitter. The unit converts 13 types of thermocouple sensors 12 types of RTD sensors, configured as 2-, 3- and 4-wires potentiometer, resistor and millivolt inputs, single or differential—into process current loop. Integral 3% digits LED display forms a transmitter—monitor unit which is visiable in dark installations. The light intensity varies as a function of the current loop, which serves as the light energy source 24-bit A/D converter and two microprocessors are the heart of the outstanding performance. The transmitter can be set and wired to perform differential measurement conversions of temperature sensors as well as mV sources. The output current is temperature linearized and can be set to be 4 to 20/20 to 4mA—or any range within these limits. The current is limited to 3.9 and 22 mA.The TXDIN101 samples and updates the output current in a rate of 2 to 4 samples per second depends on the sensor type. The transmitter is fully configurable in dry-configuration mode by which the connection to PC is performed with no external power source. The configuration parameters are stored in a nonvolatile memory. Exceptional digital accuracy of typically ±0.1°C is provided for most sensors regardless of the calibrated span. Internal Pt-100 temperature sensor provides precise cold junction compensation throughout the entire ambient range. Detection of sensor breakage or disconnection of input leads, forces the output to a predefined up/down scale value. The unit continuously monitors the sensor and automatically returns to normal operation mode when the sensor is recovered. The TXDIN101 is housed in a plastic enclosure mounted on a standard DIN rail. Special red filter is provided for optimal view.

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