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Shop for industrial control transformers, motor rotation indicators, AC current transformers, and more at Omega and save. We have the heavy-duty equipment you need to ensure problem-free installations for years to come. Use our transformers to safely step-down voltages to your machine tool control devices and sensitive circuit boards. Use our OMEGALUX ® PHSEQ to identify proper or incorrect phase sequences on any 3-phase circuit from 115 to 700 V. At Omega, we have the products and equipment you need to ensure a reliable, smooth-operating application.
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AC Current Transformers for Ammeters (Low Voltage)

Dimensions in mm Model No.ABCDEFGHIJKLMOPQRSMFO-3043.531 41.830.520.510.7  7510.720.530.548 16.582.599MFO-4043.531 41.841.513.310.5  7513.530.641.5483116.582.599MFO-6043...


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Industrial Control Transformers - Stepdown Voltage Converters

Transformers provide stepped down voltages to machine tool control devices enabling control circuits to be isolated from all power and lighting circuits. This allows the u...


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