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Counter and Rate Meters

11 Products found
Economical 4-20 mA Loop-Powered Indicator

The DPF301 Series comprises 4 to 20 mA loop-powered panel-mount indicators that display process variables in engineering units (GPM, LPM, psig, %RH, etc.), with an adjustab... Read More

Dual Ratemeter/Totalizer

The DPF80 series (Dual Rate Totalizer) is a 5 digit Ratemeter, 6 digit Totalizer in a 1 /8 DIN package. The DPF80 Series is the ideal solution for many flow meter applicati... Read More

Bargraph Indicators, 1/8 DIN or 96x24 mm Vertical or Optional Horizontal Scale

BG18 Series Bar graph Indicators can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and provide a dynamic analog visualization of any type of process parameter that can be tr... Read More

Transducer Indicator System, Powers up to 10 Load Cells

The Model DP1028 Transducer Indicator System is a heavy duty 4 1 /2 digit indicator with excitation for up to ten 350 ohm bridges. Standard features include a dead zero and... Read More

Batch Controller with Two Stage Valve Control

Featuring 8 digits of bright, 14 mm (0.55"), alphanumeric display, the DPF-310 Series can accept up to 20,000 pulses per second of digital count. The analog input versi... Read More

Analog Input Ratemeter/Totalizer

The DPF60 is a combination microprocessor-based digital rate indicator and integrating totalizer. It accepts inputs of 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 20 mA, 0 to 5 V, or 1 to 5 V and can... Read More

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Flow Batching Processor

The DPF-520 Series is a batching flow processor with additional output controls. It is designed for use with OMEGA™ flowmeters and flow sensors, as well as other manufactue... Read More

Rate and Total Flow Meter Indicator

The DPF140 Series of flow meters are micro controller based indicators with transmission and pulse outputs. These units are designed to compute and display flow rate and to... Read More

quickShip This product has variations available for quick shipping.

Batch Controller

The DPF11 miniature batcher is ideal for all batching applications. The display will show Batch Amount, Rate and Batch/Grand Total at the push of a button. The Start and St... Read More

quickShip This product has variations available for quick shipping.

Frequency Input Ratemeter/Totalizer

The DPF75 is a combination 6 digit totalizer/batch controller and 5 1 /2 digit ratemeter with two relays for 2-stage batch control or dual rate alarms. One relay can be set... Read More

quickShip This product has variations available for quick shipping.

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