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Solid State Relays

10 Products found

The 9575H3A000 is a Type AA DPDT relay with contacts rated (each pole) 40 A up to 300 Vac 50/60 Hz. The 9575H3A000 is panel mountable and ideal for applications when controlling smaller loads such as single-phase motors.

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Solid-State Relays for Intrinsic Safety

Solid-State Relay: Less than 100 microamps at 14 Vdc actuates the unit to control ac loads to 5 amps at 120 Vac. Resistive (up to 400,000 ohms) or short-circui... Read More

Dual Solid State Relays 25 and 40 Amp Vdc Input/Vac Output

The OMEGA™ SSRLDUAL series solid-state relays are two totally independent ac output relays in a single standard panel mount package. They utilize OMEGA’s inverse-parallel S... Read More

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High Reliability Solid State Relays

The SSRL series of solid state relays are used to control large resistance heaters in conjunction with temperature controllers. Solid state relays are SPST, normally open s... Read More

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DIN Rail Mount Solid State Relays

Designed for superior thermal performance in harsh industrial environments, OMEGA’s new SSRDIN/SSR3PH relay is the most advanced DIN rail solid state relay in its range. Th... Read More

quickShip This product has variations available for quick shipping.

INTELLIGENT SSR Vac Input / Vac Output. DIN Rail or Panel Mount

OMEGA’s SSRINT660 Series “Intelligent” Solid State Relays are fully integrated with heat sink and DIN rail mounting plate in a space-saving design. They are touch-safe with... Read More

Definite Purpose Contactors

Description Cutler-Hammer definite purpose (DP)contactors are designed to improve control ofrefrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation andresistance heating applic... Read More

Universal Relay Module

Description The versatile RELAY-URM Seriesrelay module can switch up to eight15 A loads using low-level inputsignals from PLCs, processcontrollers, and indicators. I... Read More

SSRL Series Pump-Up/Pump-Down Relays with Latching Capability

Description The SSRL series are latching 5 amp SPST Normally Open relays with a small output current to sense the closing of up to two dry mechanical relay contacts.... Read More

Solid State Relay DC Control Signal 530 Vac Line

Description OMEGA’s SSR530 Series Solid State Relays (SSR) are single-pole, normally open switching devices with no moving parts, capable of millions of cycles of ope... Read More

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