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Wireless Receivers

Omega has several different varieties of wireless receivers to choose from. Choose from wireless RS232-to-USB transceivers, long-range repeater/receiver systems, and connector/transmitter receivers. When your application needs reliable connections over a wireless network, turn to Omega for today's most innovative and dependable wireless receivers. Built with NEMA enclosures, you can rest assured our receivers can withstand just about everything. Don't put your trust in anybody else, get the high-quality wireless receivers you want, only from Omega.

8 Products found

OM-CP-RFD Series Wireless Receivers

The OM-CP-RFC1000-EXT is designed with a high powered transceiver that has a substantially long transmission range, meaning better performance in occluded environme...

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UW Series Wireless Receivers

The new OMEGA wireless connector/transmitter receivers are compact devices that receive the transmitted signals from UWTC Series transmitters, and display/log/graph the da...

Starting at 270,00 C$

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Long Range Wireless Repeater Systems

OMEGA’s long range wireless repeater system extends the transmitting range of OMEGA’s wireless connectors, probes and industrial transmitters up to 5 miles. The UWT...

Starting at 326,25 C$

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ZW Series Receiver

The OMEGA™ ZW-REC wireless receiver is designed to communicate up to 1000m* (3280') outdoor and around 100m* (328') indoor to various wireless sensors/...

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UW Wireless Receivers, 4 Analog Outputs

The UWTC-REC4 wireless DIN rail receiver can work with up to 48 wireless transmitters, displaying their data in real time on your PC. The UWTC-REC4 also has four independ...

Starting at 375,00 C$

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Layer N Gateway Series

GW-001 Series gateways are designed for long range performance and ease of use. They aggregate data from all connected sensors and transmit it to the Layer N Cloud where...

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Monnit Alta Series Ethernet Gateways

Monnit’s ALTA Ethernet Gateway 4 allows your Monnit Wireless Sensors to communicate with the iMonnit®. Online Wireless Sensor Monitoring and Notification System without th...

Starting at 224,40 C$

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MW Series Wireless Receivers

The MWTC-REC wireless receivers support up to 48 MWTC miniature sensor / transmitters. The MWTC-REC1 connects to a PC via a 6 foot USB cable while the MWTC-REC5 is a dongl...

Starting at 129,75 C$

in 2 weeks
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