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Duct Heaters

Omega has duct heaters for a wide variety of uses. We have high- and low-temperature duct heaters, T-type heaters for in-line gas or air heating, duct heaters for round ductwork, and more. Some models are capable of delivering a maximum outlet air temperature of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Shop our entire selection today to find the right duct heater for your application. Order from Omega and enjoy industrial-grade reliability at an affordable price.

6 Products found

MAXIMUM FLOW AIR HEATERS, For Low Pressure, High Flow Air Heating

CFMMax. Watts/Linear Inchof Heated Length1150

Starting at C$162.35

6  In Stock
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T Type air Process Heaters For In-Line Air and Gas Heating

APPLICATIONS The AHP series in-line air heaters are used to heat clean, dry air or gas for baking, drying, laminating, metal working, packaging, plastic weld...

Starting at C$109.65

44  In Stock
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Low Flow Air Process and Liquid Circulation Heaters

The AHPF series heaters are used to heat low flows of air, gas, water, or aqueous solutions. Applications include those where clean air is necessary, as in laboratories an...

Starting at C$403.75

10  In Stock
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Air Duct Heaters for Round Ductwork with Metal Enclosure

FEATURES Easy installation in round duct. The DAB Series is a coiled finned element complete with sheet metal enclosure. Flange permits easy gauging of...

Starting at C$1,351.50

in 6 weeks
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Low Temperature Air Duct Heaters

Features Simple Duct Transition Sections may be used to adapt standard heater sizes to various duct sizes to increase air velocities for better heat transfer,...

Starting at C$1,262.25

in 6 weeks
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APPLICATIONS Heating air for various drying/curing operations up to 1200°F (648°C) air temperature, heat treating, re-heating or dehumidification, and other s...

Starting at C$1,534.25

in 6 weeks
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