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Load Cell Hardware

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Tension Plates For LCM402/LCM412 Series Load Cells 17-4 PH Stainless Steel

Description LCM412 tension plates attach to the base of LCM402/LCM412 Series load cells and provide a second threaded center hole for tension applications. ...


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Load Buttons and Rod Ends for Metric Load Cells

Description LOAD CELL OPTIONS (Limited Models Only)Temperature Compensation:    "-TC1" Extended compensated range    -46 to 93°C (-50 to 200°F) not exceeding ope...


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Mounting Plates for LCM1001/LCM1011 Series Metric Load Cells

Description Designed for use with the LCM1001/LCM1011 series load cells, these top and bottom mounting plates facilitate installations, for fast and easy setup. Availabl...


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