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Cooling Elements

Omega has a variety of different cooling elements available for a range of purposes and uses. We carry cooling jacket kits for infrared thermocouples, high-temperature insulated thermocouple elements with Nextel or silica insulation, and more. Our cooling jacket kit features a super-efficient design for low-air or low-water use, while our high-temp elements feature insulation capable of protecting the thermocouple in environments as hot as 2,200-degrees Fahrenheit. Order your cooling elements from Omega today and enjoy better quality equipment at the lowest prices. We’ll also ship your order fast, so you won’t have to wait long to get the equipment you need.
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High Temperature Nextel Insulated Thermocouple Elements

OMEGA ® Nextel Ceramic Insulated Thermocouples are easy-to-use precise temperature elements manufactured to meet the highest industry standards. The Nextel ceramic insul...


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Cooling Jacket Kit for OS36 and OS36-2 Infrared Thermocouples

Extraordinarily efficient in design, the OS36-APC needs water flow rate of only 0.05 gpm (190 cc/min.) to protect an infrared thermocouple at 540°C (1000°F). This conven...


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Extreme process temperatures reduce the accuracy, life and the overall reliability of a pressure transmitter or gauge. The OMEGA cooling element is made from cast 316L s...


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