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Surface Sensors

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Bolt-On Washer Thermocouple Assemblies

A versatile thermocouple assembly that easily mounts to a variety of surfaces. Utilizable for a number of surface temperature measurement ...

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Heavy Duty Bolt-On Washer Thermocouple Assemblies

Rugged thermocouple, for surface mount applications, has a washer mounting surface and an overall dimension of 0.680" O.D., with a 0.260" mounting hole of 3...

Starting at C$30.75

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Self-Adhesive Thermocouples Molded Silicone Design

These sensors are available in 2 different mounting styles for flat or curved surfaces. The integral thermocouple sensor is bonded onto the inner surface of the self adhesi...

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Self-Adhesive Thermocouples

These thermocouples can be used in outdoor and wet environments, including bright sunlight, with little to no effect on performance or accuracy. Our unique construction tec...

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Thin Leaf-Type Thermocouples

Model 88304(*) Flat, leaf-type thermocouple ideal for measuring layers of plywood, plastic, paper and various laminates, with long, 0.48 cm (19-inch) le...

Starting at C$60.75

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Roller Surface Thermocouple Probes

The 88000 series roller surface probes provides a means of measuring moving surfaces without stopping the process. Equipped with rollers these probes can obtain a te...

Starting at C$144.75

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High Temperature Thermocouple Surface Probes

Model 88006(*) Miniature, fast response probe with 480°C (900°F) max. surface temperature. Ideal for surface temperatures of small electronic parts.

Starting at C$133.50

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Unique Block Surface Thermocouple Probes

The block style surface probes have a unique construction that makes them ideal for measuring moving, rotating or stationary surfaces. This family of 880000 probes are exte...

Starting at C$144.75

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Surface Thermocouple High or Low Temperatures! Self Adhesive or Cement-On! Super...

OMEGA introduces the next generation of our fast response surface mount thermocouples. The new SA1XL surface thermocouple achieves response times of less than 0.15 seconds....

Starting at C$87.75

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Heat Flux Sensors for Heat Transfer Measurements

Omega's Heat Flux Sensors provide accurate readings, high sensitivity with fast response times. The sensors are rugged and economical. They are ideal for R&D applic...

Starting at C$335.75

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Easy-To-Use Surface RTD 3-Pack

The SA1-RTD is a surface temperature sensor that can be applied to most clean, dry surfaces.  Just peel off the release sheet on the bottom of the sensor and the silicon...

Starting at C$119.25

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Cement on RTD Elements for Surface Measurement

Models SRTD-1 and SRTD-2 are polyimide insulated surface mount RTD temperature sensors designed to provide a practical method for measuring surface temperatures. Th...

Starting at C$383.15

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