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T Type Thermocouple Extension Wire

Item# EXFF-T-16-100

T Type Thermocouple Extension Wire EXFF-T-16-100 EXFF-T-16-100
  • High Quality Type "T" Thermocouple Grade Wire
  • In Stock - Available for Immediate Shipment
  • Choice of Insulation, Wire Gage, & Length
Wire Gauge
Thermocouple Calibration Type
Cable Type
Wire Type
Number of Pairs
Conductor Insulation
Overbraiding Type
Cable Length
Number of Conductors
Special Limit of error
Additional Feature
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Quantity Price each
1-4 C$231.00
5-9 C$219.45
10-24 C$207.90
25-49 C$196.35
50-99 C$184.80
100+ C$173.25

In stock

Lead Time ( If not in Stock): 6 weeks

Product Specs

  • Color Code Standard 2 Cu-Rd/Bk
  • Use With Sensor Type Thermocouple

ANSI Color Code :Positive Wire, Purple; Negative Wire, Red; Overall, Brown
OMEGA Engineering does not use reprocessed PFA or PVC in manufacturing thermocouple wire.  
InsulationAWG No.Model NumberType WireInsulation Max. Temp*Nominal SizeWt.† lb/1000'


16EXTT-T-16SolidPFAPFA212100.086 x .15216
20EXTT-T-20SolidPFAPFA212100.068 x .1169
24EXTT-T-24SolidPFAPFA212100.056 x .0926
Polyvinyl14EXPP-T-14SolidPolyvinylPolyvinyl212100.134 x .28829
16EXPP-T-16SolidPolyvinylPolyvinyl212100.123 x .20722
20EXPP-T-20SolidPolyvinylPolyvinyl212100.095 x .15112
20EXPP-T-20S7 x 28PolyvinylPolyvinyl212100.123 x .07512
24EXPP-T-24SolidPolyvinylPolyvinyl212100.082 x .01344
24EXPP-T-24S7x32PolyvinylPolyvinyl212100.082 x .01349


16EXFF-T-16SolidFEPFEP212100.086 x .15216
20EXFF-T-20SolidFEPFEP212100.068 x .1169
24EXFF-T-24SolidFEPFEP212100.056 x .0926

*Maximum temperature is for extension grade wire or insulation, whichever is lower.
†Weight of spool and wire, rounded up to next highest lb. (does not include packing material).


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