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Relais programmables

Omega has one of the industry's best selections of programmable relays. From universal remote I/O modules to pressure switch accessories, you'll find everything you need to complete your application here. Don't settle for inferior hardware

If you want to learn more about relays you can read our guide on this link.

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Pressure Switch Accessories

AUDIBLE ALARM OMEGA’s Model 70A audible alarms are the latest development in solid sound production. When 120 Vac is applied to them, a piezoelectric transducer operates...


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Universal Remote I/O Modules Remote I/O for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs...

Remote I/O, or distributed I/O, offers several advantages over the traditional local I/O found on a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). First, it allows you to locate the...


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DC Input Field Configurable Limit Alarms

SMLA-1 single setpoint and SMLA-2 dual setpoint limit alarms offer flexible, wide-ranging DC input capability. Voltage spans from 10 mV to 200V and current spans from 1 m...


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