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Enregistreur à tracé continu virtue Visualiser la température et l'humidité avec un navigateur Web

Chart Recorder for Temperature & Humidity


Article# ITHX-SD-2

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Chart Recorder for Temperature & Humidity ITHX-SD-2 ITHX-SD-2
  • Enregistreur à tracé continu virtuel
  • Serveur Web
  • Alertes par mail ou SMS
  • Enregistrement des données de plusieurs années sur cartes flash
  • Aucun logiciel spécial requis

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Visualiser la température et l'humidité avec un navigateur Web
L'émetteur OMEGA™ iTHX-SD vous permet de contrôler et enregistrer la température, l'humidité relative et le point de rosée avec un réseau Ethernet ou Internet sans devoir utiliser un logiciel spécialisé, seulement un navigateur Web.

Le OMEGA™ iTHX-SD transmet les données aux pages Web actives pour afficher les lectures en temps réel et les graphiques de température et humidité. Vous pouvez également enregistrer les données en format standard pour pouvoir les utiliser dans un tableau ou un programme de saisie des données tel que Excel ou VBX (Visual Basic). Le graphique virtuel sur la page Web est un applet JAVA™ qui enregistre un graphique Applet sur un réseau local ou Internet en temps réel. Avec le système OMEGA™ iTHX-SD vous n'avez plus besoin de consacrer votre temps et votre argent à vous renseigner sur un programme de logiciel propriétaire pour pouvoir enregistrer les données.

Relais alarme
Le OMEGA™ iTHX-SD possède deux relais 1,5 A. Avec la page de réglage en ligne, les deux relais peuvent être programmés à n'importe quelle combinaison de température ou humidité, et des points de consigne hauts ou bas. Les relais peuvent également être programmés à rester verrouillés et d'attendre une remise manuelle si la limite est surpassée.

Batterie de secours
Le OMEGA™ iTHX-SD est fourni avec un adaptateur universel 100 à 240 Vca. Une pile alcaline standard 9 V (comprise aussi) permet le périphérique de stocker des données pendant une durée de 2 jours sans alimentation ac externe. Au cas où le réseau Ethernet tomberait en panne, l'enregistrement des données ne sera pas interrompu.

Graphiques ajustables
Les graphiques sont totalement réglables en temps réel. Par exemple, le graphique peut afficher une minute, une heure, un jour, une semaine, un mois, ou un an. La température peut être tracée en utilisant la gamme complète (-40 à 124°C, et 0 à 100% HR) ou une plage définie telle que 20 à 30°C.
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one device can coverage area spec . if have let me know

Asked by: thuray
Thank you for your question. We will require more information to help on this question, please email the DAS team at DAS@OMEGA.COM
Answered by: Application Engineer PV
Date published: 2023-09-20

I have iTHX-SD-2, M21210492. With a humidity probe tip of iTHP-2-DB9. the probe is using an RS232 to connect the display reader. Can I add and RS232 to RS232 extension to extend it? Or do I need to buy a probe with a longer neck?

Asked by: WasCKtoYF
Thank you for your question. Yes you can extend the cable but the accuracy may be affected.
Answered by: Application Engineer PV
Date published: 2022-06-08

I have an iTHX-SD temp humidity probe that has stopped being able to retrieve data. Everything else on it is working just fine. On the display it just says Probe 2 error but there's only 1 probe connected to it. I swapped out the SD card but still no luck

Asked by: Betty85
Thank you for your inquiry. For proper troubleshooting steps please contact our DAS team at
Answered by: Application Engineer JB
Date published: 2023-10-04

Is SD HC card are compatible with a V 1.11 Firmware ? Thanks

Asked by: Maxime B
We will require more information to help on this question, please email the DAS team at DAS@OMEGA.COM
Answered by: Application Engineer PV
Date published: 2023-07-07

In Server Command mode, Telnet connection closes by itself after few minutes of inactivity first time it gets a new command. Is there a way to keep Telnet connection alive for hours, even if no new command is sent through that connection?

Asked by: svaleal
Thank you for your question. Please send your question to Das Engr -DAS@OMEGA.COM for review and they will get back to you.
Answered by: Cheetah
Date published: 2020-06-29

When on a yearly calibration cycle, the unit is found to be out of tolerance when sent out for certification, can adjustments be made to bring it into tolerance, or is it “not adjustable” like most Temp/RH recorders.

Asked by: Roman
It is not adjustable
Answered by: JA Engineer
Date published: 2023-01-17

The iTHX-D3 used a separate End Character for Temp, Hum and Dew Point. We knew which one was being transmitted to the PLC based on that end character. Now the D3 has been replaced by the SD and it does not allow us to do this. What options do we have now?

Asked by: MikeS
The SD version does not have the option for the end character that is correct. However management has reinstated the D3 unit so you can contact customer service and return the SD model and order a D3 to fit your needs.
Answered by: cwengineer3
Date published: 2019-08-24

So, we have been using these devices without fail in multiple locations. As of today (08FEB20), whenever we log into the web app, and attempt to do a download of data at the 1 month block it says Failed - No File.

Asked by: MarkGPI
Please e-mail the software you are using and version to and we will try to resolve with Engineering.
Answered by: PVDAS
Date published: 2020-02-12

Can I use a custom Httpget script with Python to grab data from iTHX-SD sort of like an API call?

Asked by: son94
Thank you for your question. We will require more information to help on this question, please email the DAS team at
Answered by: PLVENGR
Date published: 2024-04-29

After disabling probe 2 I am getting HT Probe 1 Error. Is the sensor defective?

Asked by: Jyotirmoy
Hello, thank you for your question. If you already saved the configuration for 1 sensor only, then something as a lose connection could be the reason for this message. Please make sure the sensor is fully inserted into the socket. If this is not the case, please contact our Data Acquisition experts for further troubleshooting. The email is or you can give us a call and ask for DAS technical support.
Answered by: DA Engineer
Date published: 2020-10-12

We just got ours in. We have an error flashing on display "HTProbe2 *ERROR*". It appears it is set up for the dual probe. How can I clear this error and/or correct setup?

Asked by: Glenn123
You simply have to go to the device web page and enter setup and disable sensor 2 under configuration and save.
Answered by: PVDAS
Date published: 2020-02-12

I have 2 iTHX-SD devices that I placed in DHCP mode by pressing °C/°F and TIME/IP button during power-on. Both devices now have same MACID which is NOT the ones that were assigned during manufacture. MACID's are supposed to be hard coded. Why this happen?

Asked by: Susan1
A MAC address should never change but sometimes (rarely) they do. We haven't been able to narrow down the reason why it happens, but we do have a solution. There is an unlisted command string to overwrite the MAC by telnetting into port 2002: ‘s –MC[macaddr]’ The ‘s’ must be lowercase and the ‘MC’ must be uppercase. Examples: s –MC00:03:34:00:c3:4e s –MC00:03:34:00:B9:B6 c (the “c” confirms the change)” If you have more questions on this, please send us an email to for your specific case. Regards.
Answered by: DA Engineer
Date published: 2020-03-17

When I try downloading a months worth of data from the device using the web interface (Data Retrieval), every time the file fails to download. If I download a single day's worth of data that works ok. what can I do to ensure the data downloads?

Asked by: MartinOTC
We will require more information to help on this question, please email the DAS team at DAS@OMEGA.COM
Answered by: Application Engineer PV
Date published: 2022-03-09

Is this product compatible with Windows 10?

Asked by: ASunkissed8
Hello, thank you for your question. Yes, it is compatible. This unit doesn't require a special software except a Web Browser like Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. We also offer a data logging and monitoring software OEG that provides extended Historian, Alarming, Analytics and OPC UA/DA system integration support.
Answered by: DA Engineer
Date published: 2020-03-02

According to the Product Spec sheet for Omega iTHX-SD Chart Recorders, regarding "Sensor and Calibration" it states "It is not necessary to take the iTHX-SD out of service for routine calibration." Does this mean that routine calibration is not required?

Asked by: MichaelVale
We sell the pre-calibrated probes, you could order them three or four weeks before the ones you have expire (that is typical lead time for you), that way you do not have to put your devices out of service. Thank you.
Answered by: Application Engineer
Date published: 2019-07-18

How do I get rid of the "HProbe2 Error" message?

Asked by: Ryan N
Thank you for your question. We will require more information to help on this question, please email the DAS team at DAS@OMEGA.COM
Answered by: Application Engineer PV
Date published: 2023-08-25

How do you use the alarm relay function on the iTHX-SD to drive a stacklight visual alarm or audible buzzer alarm? What equipment would be required to do this?

Asked by: SNCEngineer
Please e-mail your question to Das Engr Dept-DAS@OMEGA.COM and they will try to assist you.
Answered by: Raptor
Date published: 2022-03-23

i want to know how to connect to kepware and get data from the ithx sd. please

Asked by: AARON3004
Hello, thank you for question. In the case of detailed technical support inquiries like this one, please send us an email to
Answered by: DA Engineer
Date published: 2021-05-20

We currently have iTHX-W3 units. We communicate to them through a network service that we wrote in-house. If we purchase one of these and connect it with the same software, will the communications be compatible with what is talking to the iTHX-W3?

Asked by: Annette
Thank you for your question. The commands are the same, just keep in mind the unit ships with factory default Ip which you may have to change.
Answered by: Application Engineer PV
Date published: 2021-04-13

Can the iTHX-SD be ordered with a 1 year Calibration Certificate?

Asked by: Susan1
Hi Susan, The iTHX-SD can be ordered with NIST traceable calibration option. Please send request to SALES@OMEGA.COM for part#, price, and lead time. Best regards, OMEGA
Answered by: NorwalkAE_RS
Date published: 2022-09-10

Can I specify an SMTP server by hostname rather than IP address? This would be helpful since IP addresses are more likely to change than hostnames. Thank you.

Asked by: garrrth
I am sorry IP address is the only way to specify the SMTP server.
Answered by: cwengineer3
Date published: 2020-02-13

Received ours today Dec 23, 2019. Also am getting the HTProbe2 Error. Can an OMEGA engineer clear this up please?

Asked by: Chris0219
Once you get the units connected on the network, you can change the setup on the IP page and the error will clear.
Answered by: Chris0219
Date published: 2021-10-29

Hello I am unable to view the chart in win 10 pro or use the java selection. Ca you help

Asked by: Gogoal
Due to security issues Java is no longer supported by web browsers there please click on the following link down load and install our Omega Enterprise Gateway software which you can use to monitor and log the data:
Answered by: cw3engineer
Date published: 2022-11-17

Does the iTHX-SD come with a probe mounting kit?

Asked by: bobski27
Thank you for your question. The ITHX-SD-5-5D does not come with a probe mounting kit.
Answered by: Application Engineer PV
Date published: 2023-04-18

What is the calibration procedure for this device? Would my contractor be able to calibrate in house?

Asked by: Ranger
Thank you for your question. The probe is digitally calibrated and unfortunately cannot be done in the field, but you can perform calibration adjustments when connected to Ithx main unit through the webserver.
Answered by: Application Engineer PV
Date published: 2022-10-13

I removed the SD card and saved the readings. When I re-install the card, the unit does not appear to be recording again. I have it wall-mounted and not connected to a computer or network. How do I get it to take readings again?

Asked by: sds1963
Please send your issues with ITHX-SD to DAS Tech Support -DAS@OMEGA.COM
Answered by: RAPTOR
Date published: 2023-10-30

Can the iTHX-SD be used as a handheld device to quickly take readings at multiple locations? Ultimately we plan to position the device in a permanent location and connect it to our network but I'm wondering if the device can also be used as a handheld.

Asked by: Matt524
Hello I am sorry it is not designed as a hand held device you cannot start and stop the device except using a PC through the network to send commands.
Answered by: cwengineer3
Date published: 2019-11-21
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