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Débitmètres à turbine

Les débitmètres à turbine constituent les appareils les plus populaires pour la mesure électronique de débit. Ils conviennent à une vaste gamme de débits et d'applications. Les débitmètres à turbine sont durables, polyvalents et faciles à entretenir.

304 SS Turbine Flow Meters With 37° Flare Fittings

FTB-201 turbine meters have male flared-end fittings for easy connections and features a mating 2-wire connector with optional integrally mounted signal conditioners


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Low Flow Brass & 316 SS Turbine Flow Meters

The FTB4700 is a plated brass meter ideal for water applications in the ranges 0.2 to 18 GPM. The FTB4800 provides a wide range flow metering in a stainless steel package.


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NSF Listed Turbine Flow Meter

The FTB-430 Series is a highly accurate and repeatable. This low cost, NSF Standard 61 listed flow sensor is ideal for water or beverage dispensing applications


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Low Cost Plastic Low Flow Turbine Meter

OMEGA's FTB-420 Series turbine technology provides a highly repeatable sensor ideally suited for measurement of either volume dispensing and/or flow rate applications.


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Hot Water Flow Meters for Totalization and Rate Indication

FTB8000HW uses the multi-jet principle that has been an accepted standard for many years. This type of meter is known for its wide range, and accuracy in low quality water.


dans 3 semaines
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Economical Turbine Flow Meter with LCD Display

FTB690 Series turbine meters with microprocessor-based electronics offers a durable, compact, high-precision fluid measurement device, with total and rate indication.


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