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Long Range Sub GHZ Wireless Universal Smart Probe Interface

The IF-006 series provides secure, robust long-range Wireless connectivity for any Layer N Smart Probe. Featuring 5 year battery life and a rugged IP65 housing.

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Layer N Smart Probe to Modbus RTU RS-485 serial Interface

The rugged IF-002 integrates any Layer N Smart Probe into a Modbus network. It provides a RS485 serial interface that supports Modbus RTU and a command line interpreter.

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Layer N Modbus Compatible USB Serial to Smart Probe Interface

The IF-001 Interface cable enables easy configuration and monitoring for any Layer N Smart Probe and a Modbus RTU or Modbus ASCII interface to all smart sensor registers.

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Layer N communication interfaces enable wired and wireless communication of Smart Interfaces to the Layer N Smart Gateway to transfer application data directly into the cloud.
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