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Imageurs thermiques

Découvrez notre vaste éventail de thermomètres et imageurs thermiques portables et sans contact.
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Handheld Thermal Imager

This new generation OSXL160 infrared camera (equipped with uncooled focal plan array micro-bolometer) produces crisp thermal image and accurate temperature reading to he...


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Fixed Mount Thermal Imager

The OSXL-101 is a compact infrared thermal imaging sensor utilizing a thermopile array detector. The OSXL-101 Series can now measures realtime temperature and a thermal im...


dans 5 semaines
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Compact Infrared Cameras - Thermal Imagers

Now you can afford the ultimate inspection tool - a thermal imager. Gain the competitive advantage and take care of more customers. Blow them away with dramatic MSX ther...


dans 99 semaines
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Caméra à imagerie thermique

Description Le modèle OSXL-T620 (FLIR T620) possède la plus haute résolution d'imagerie thermique de sa classe. Avec une résolution de 307 200 pixels (640 x 480) , le...


dans 99 semaines
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High Value Thermal Imager Camera

Omega’s OSXL-TIM3 thermal imaging camera measures from -20 to 250°C (-4 to 482°F) and displays the thermal image and teDescriptionmperature. Plus, the OSXL-TIM3 can save t...


dans 12 semaines
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Economical High Performance Thermal Imager

Bridging the gap between single spot IR thermometers and infrared cameras, the OSXL-TG165 Thermal Imager gives you the advantage of thermal imaging to help you discover te...


dans 4 semaines
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