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Strain Gage Bridge Completion Module


Strain Gage Bridge Completion Module | BCM-1

Strain Gage Bridge Completion Module

CAD119.00 BCM-1

5 year warranty
  • Internal Bridge Balance Adjustment Standard, for Nulling Out Unstrained Conditions
  • 1 /4 Bridge Completion for 120 or 350 Ohm Strain Gages
  • 1 /2 Bridge Completion for Gages of Any Resistance
  • 5 ppm Tempco Resistors for High Temperature Stability
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The BCM-1 bridge completion module provides a convenient means of completing the Wheatstone Bridge circuit used for strain gage measurement. The module can be used for quarter-bridge measurements with 120 or 350 Ohm gages, or for half-bridges with gages of any resistance. In addition, a bridge balance adjustment potentiometer is provided to zero the bridge output. Screw terminals are provided for strain gage, excitation and output signal connections. Quarter-bridges with two- or three-wire hook-up can be accommodated.
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Strain gage bridge completion module
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