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Milliamp Loop Calibrator


Milliamp Loop Calibrators | CL309A

Milliamp Loop Calibrators

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3 year warranty
  • All 4 to 20 mA Loop Functions
  • Accuracy to Better Than 0.025%
  • Large High Contrast Graphic Display
  • Battery Life Up to 70 Hours
  • Rechargeable Battery Optional
  • 3 Position Slide Switch
  • Unit Displays Either Milliamp or Percent
  • Compact, Lightweight and Rugged
  • Overload Protected
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Model CL309A is a state of the art, highly reliable, rugged and easy to use milliamp calibrator. It has the functions necessary to perform all the required maintenance and calibration tasks of virtually any 4 to 20mA loop. It provides source and read milliamp functions along with power, measure, and 2-wire transmitter simulations. In addition, it can measure DC Voltage for troubleshooting power supplies.
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Current Calibrator
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Milliamp loop calibrator
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220 Vac adaptor
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Soft carrying case
CL307A-RBK Star
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Rechargeable battery
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in Canadian currency. Note: Comes with test leads, operator’s manual, 9V alkaline battery and NIST calibration certificate.
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