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Process Indicators, DPM35A Miniature 1/32 DIN Model, DP35 Loop Powered 1/8 DIN Model


Process Indicators, DPM35A Miniature 1/32 DIN Model, DP35 Loop Powered 1/8 DIN Model | DP35

CAD271.00 DP35

1 year warranty CE RoHS
  • 3 1/2 Digit Display
  • User-Selectable Inputs
  • Minimal Panel Depth
  • 0.2% Accuracy
  • 10-30 Vdc Power, Isolated
  • Scalable to Engineering Units, with Selectable Decimal Point
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The DPM35A is a compact process indicator, requiring only than 70 mm of depth behind a panel. This instrument utilizes a 45 x 22.2 mm cutout, 1/32 DIN, with large, 10 mm display digits. Inputs are connected via a rear screw clamp connector. The DPM35A can accept input voltage ranges ,from 0 to 200 Vdc, and current from 0 to 50 mA. In addition, the unit can be scaled for both zero and span, to display in engineering units. The decimal point position is also jumper selected. The DP35 is an 1/8 DIN loop powered process indicator that can be jumper configured to select one of three input ranges, 1-5 mA, 4-20 mA or 10-50 mA. Like the DPM35A, the DP35 can be scaled for both zero and span to display in engineering units and has jumper selectable decimal point position.

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DP35 Star
Availability: In Stock
RoHS compliant
1/8 DIN LCD process indicator, loop powered
DPM35A Star
Availability: In Stock
RoHS compliant
1/32 DIN LED process indicator
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