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4-1/2 Digit DC-Powered Srain/Microvoltmeter


4-1/2 Digit DC-Powered
Srain/Microvoltmeter | DP3520-PA

4-1/2 Digit DC-Powered Srain/Microvoltmeter

CAD515.00 DP3520-PA

1 year warranty
  • ±19,999 Count Display Span
  • True-Differential Input
  • 3-Wire Ratio Measurement
  • Serial BCD Output
  • Bright, 14 mm (0.56") LED Display
  • Automatic Zero and Polarity
  • Display Hold and Test
  • 5 Vdc Power
  • Low-Profile 1/16 DIN Case
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The DP3520-PA is an economical 5-volt powered, high-resolution, high-accuracy 4-1/2 digit dc microvoltmeter in a compact 1/16 DIN case. The height of the panel cutout is 22 mm (0.88"), and the depth required behind the panel is only 72 mm (2.83").

Low cost, small size, low power consumption at 5 Vdc and exceptional power-supply noise rejection make the DP3520-PA ideal for demanding OEM and portable-instrument applications.

The DP3520-PA incorporates a preamplifier, which can be programmed for resolution from 1 to 25 µV/ count and for a zero offset up to ±0.6 mV (RTI) ±21% of full-scale readout (RTO).

The DP3520-PA can be configured for use with load cells and pressure gauges, which require zero and span adjustment for readout in engineering units. Bridge excitation may be provided by the same 5 Vdc supply that powers the meter, or by an external, isolated 10 or 15 Vdc power supply.

The DP3520-PA can also be configured as a microvoltmeter using an internal reference, or in a ratiometric mode using an external reference.

Non-isolated, character-serial BCD output is standard to allow the DP3520-PA to be interfaced to other instrumentation.

Model DP3520-PA provides a differential programmable preamplifier for use with low-level bridge circuits. Bridge excitation can be provided by the same 5 Vdc power supply that powers the meter.

Noise Rejection
NMR, SIG HI to SIG LO: 60 dB, 50/60 Hz
CMR, SIG GND to SIG LO: 86 dB, DC to 60 Hz
CMV, SIG GND to SIG LO: -1 to 2.5 Vdc
Power Supply Rejection: 86 dB at 50/60 Hz
Technique: Dual-slope, average-value
Signal Integration Period: 100 msec
Read Rate: 2.5/sec
Analog Input
Input Configuration: Differential, ratiometric
Coarse-Span Adjustment: Jumper-selectable gain ranges
Fine-Span Adjustment: Front-panel accessible precision potentiometer
Zero Adjustment (RTI or Deadload): ±0.6 mV
Zero Adjustment (RTO or Tare): ±20.9% of full-scale display
Bias Current: 10 nA typ, 20 nA max
Accuracy At 25°C Error
Max: ±0.01% of reading ±2 counts
Span Tempco, Typ: ±0.003% of reading/°C
Zero Tempco, Typ: ±0.3 µV/°C
Step Response: 2 sec to 99.9% of span
Warmup to Rated Accuracy: 30 min
Digital Signals
Output Signals: TTL-compatible
HOLD Input: TTL or 5V CMOS compatible
BLANKING Input: Open-collector compatible
Voltage: 5 to 5.25 Vdc
Current: 170 to 230 mA
Power Consumption: 1 W (nominal)
Operating Temperature: 0 to 55°C (32 to 122°F)
Storage Temperature: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 184°F)
Relative Humidity: 95% at 40°C (104°F) (non-condensing)
Dimensions: 24 H x 96 W x 72 mm D (0.94 x 3.77 x 2.82")
Panel Cutout: 22.2 x 92 mm (0.874 x 3.622")
Weight: 145 g (5 oz)
Case Material: 94 V-0 UL-rated polycarbonate
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DP3520-PA Star
Availability: 1 week
4-1/2 digit DC powered strain/microvoltmeter
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