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Handheld Digital Thermometers Type R and S Input,
High Temperature Measurement

HH501 Series

Thermocouple Thermometers | Type R | Type S Thermocouple | High Temperature Measurement | HH501 Series

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1 year warranty CE
  • NEMA-4X Dustproof, Water/Splash Resistant
  • Measures Very High Temperatures
  • Warning Beeper with Hi/Lo Setting, Time Setting
  • Clock and Elapsed Time
  • 0.1° Resolution
  • Differential Thermocouple Input
  • Stated Accuracy at 23 ± 5°C<75% RH
  • Battery Life: 200 Hours
  • Dimensions: 192 H x 91 W x 53 mm (7.6 x 3.6 x 2.2")
  • Weight: Approx. 255 g (9 oz)
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HH501BR or HH501BS
1999 Counts
Backlit LCD Display
Models for Type R or S
Thermocouple Input
Reading HOLD, Max function
Dual input with Differential Function T1-T2
  HH501AR or HH501AS
1999 counts
Backlit LCD Display
Models for Type Thermocouple
Reading HOLD
MAX function
ITS-90 Accuracy
Single Input

Specifications HH501AS HH501BS HH501AR HH501BR
Backlit LCD
No. of Digits 1999 1999 1999 1999
Probe (Type) S S R R
Input Channel 1 2 1 2
Range °C 0-1787°C 0-1767°C 0-1767° 0-1787°C
Range °F 32-1999°F 32-1999°F 32-1999 32-1999°F
Hi/Lo Limits w/Beeper Warning
Display 1 1 1 1
Battery 9 V 9 V 9 V 9 V
Auto Power Off
Basic Accuracy % rdg 0.1% +1°C 0.1% +1°C 0.1% +1°C 0.1% +1°C
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