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Motor Rotation Indicator – Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise Motor Rotation


Motor Rotation Indicator, Determines Correct Power Connection for clockwise or counterclockwise motor rotation, Model MTR-1  | MTR-1

CAD128.00 MTR-1

1 year warranty
  • Gives Proper Connection Sequence
  • No External Power Required
  • Solid State Construction
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The MTR-1 works on any single or multiple 3-phase motor installation and allows all motors in a multiple installation to run in the proper direction without trial and error. Open windings or demagnetized windings can also be identified using the MTR-1.
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MTR-1 Star
Availability: 6 weeks
Motor rotation indicator
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Ordering Example: (1) MTR-1 motor rotation indicator, SC-450S optional carrying case, CAD128.00