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General Purpose Pressure Transducer


General Purpose Pressure Transducer | PX35K1

General Purpose Pressure Transducer

CAD500.00 PX35K1-1KGV

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • High Operating Temperature 163°C (325°F)
  • Hermetically Sealed for Harsh Environments
  • Available in Vented Gage, Sealed Gage or Absolute Pressure Models
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • 7/16-20 UNF Internal Thread
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OMEGA’s PX35 Transducer Series is a rugged, general purpose 30 millivolt output, industrial pressure transducer. It has a hermetically sealed, all stainless steel case which makes it suitable for the harsh conditions found in industry. The PX35 is available in gage, absolute or sealed gage models. A Bendix style connector is standard, or a 10 ft cable is also available.

10 V ac/dc (15V max)
Output: 3 mV/V nominal
Accuracy: 0.25% includes liniearity, hysteresis and repeatability
Input Resistance: 360 Ω Min.
Output Resistance: 350 ±5 Ω
Zero Balance: ±2.0% FS
Operational Temp Range: -73 to +163°C (-100 to +325°F)
Compensated Temp Range: +16 to +71°C (60 to +160°F)
Thermal Effects:
    Span: 0.003% Rdg/°F
    Zero: 0.004% FS/°F
Proof Pressure: 150% of rated pressure
Burst Pressure: 300% of rated pressure
Wetted Parts: 17-4PH Stainless Steel
Pressure Port:
    <10000 psi: 716-20 UNF-2A Internal
    ≤10,000 psi: 916-18, ¼" HP tube
Electrical Connection:PH1H-10-6P or equal
Optional: 10 ft (3m) Cable
Mating Connector: PT06A-10-6S (not included)
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Part Number/ Desc.
PX35K1-020GV Star
Availability: 8 weeks
0-20 psi Gage Pressure transducer
PX35K1-030AV Star
Availability: 8 weeks
0-30 psi Absolute Pressure transducer
PX35K1-030GV Star
Availability: 8 weeks
0-30 psi Gage Pressure transducer
PX35K1-050AV Star
Availability: 8 weeks
0-50 psi Absolute Pressure transducer
PX35K1-050GV Star
Availability: 8 weeks
0-50 psi Gage Pressure transducer
PX35K1-100GV Star
Availability: 8 weeks
0-100 psi Gage Pressure transducer
PX35K1-200GV Star
Availability: 8 weeks
0-200 psi Gage Pressure transducer
PX35K1-300GV Star
Availability: In Stock
0-300 psi Gage Pressure transducer
PX35K1-500GV Star
Availability: 8 weeks
0-500 psi Gage Pressure transducer
PX35K1-1KGV Star
Availability: 8 weeks
0-1000 psi Gage Pressure transducer
PX35K1-3KGV Star
Availability: 8 weeks
0-3000 psi Gage Pressure transducer
PX35K1-5KGV Star
Availability: 8 weeks
0-5000 psi Gage Pressure transducer
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PT06F10-6S Star
Availability: In Stock
Mating connector (sold separately)
CA-4TE24-2-015 Star
Availability: 4 weeks
15 foot 4 wire cable assembly for PX35x1 series transdcuers
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in Canadian currency. Note: 9/16 -18, 1/4 " HP Tube connection for ranges 10,000 psi and higher.
Metric Ranges Available - Consult Engineering

Ordering Example: (1) PX35K1-300GV is a 300 psi gage pressure transducer, CAD500.00  plus (1) PT06F10-6S mating connector (sold separately), CAD37.00, CAD500.00 + 37.00 = CAD537.00

Part Number Builder

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Option Descriptions:

(1) Pressure port select from:
K for 7/16-20 UNF female
C for 1/4-18 NPT male
D for 1/4-18 NPT female
J for 7/16-20 UNF male
S for 1/4 inch high pressure tube fitting (10000 psi and up)

(2) Electrical Termination select from:
0 for 10 foot shielded cable
1 for PT1H-10-6P connector (mating connector sold separately)

(3) Range select from:
020 for 0-20 psi (gage only)
030 for 0-30 psi
050 for 0-50 psi
100 for 0-100 psi
200 for 0-200 psi
300 for 0-300 psi
500 for 0-500 psi
1K for 0-1000 psi
2k for 0-2000 psi
3K for 0-3000 psi
5K for 0-5000 psi
10K for 0-10000 psi
15K for 0-15000 psi
20K for 0-20000 psi
30K for 0-30000 psi

(4) Gage/Sealed Gage/Absolute select from:
GV for Gage Model
SV for Sealed Gage
AV for Absolute Model
Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.