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OMEGATHERM™ High Temperature and High Thermally Conductive Paste

OT-201-1/2, OT-201-2, OT-201-16, OT-201-32   
High Thermally Conductive Filled Silicone Paste
OT-201-1/2, OT-201-2, OT-201-16, OT-201-32:OMEGATHERM™ High Temperature and High Thermally Conductive Paste
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$ 20.25  OT-201-1/2

Continuous Temperature to 200°C (392°F)
Extremely High Thermal Conductivity
Adheres to Most Surfaces

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OMEGATHERM™ thermal conducting paste is a high temperature and high thermally conductive paste product. They are specially formulated for permanent and temporary bonding of thermocouples, thin film RTDs, thermistors and other temperature sensors, to most surfaces–metals, ceramics, glass, plastics, paper products.

OMEGATHERM™ products is compounded and packaged for convenient, easy mixing and application. Each formulation exhibits important characteristics necessary for accurate, fast, reliable temperature measurement. These are: good adhesion and strength, high temperature rating, high thermal conduction, high electric insulation, thixotropic consistency, fast cure, and easy application.

OMEGATHERM™ 201 — is a very high thermally conductive filled silicone paste, ideally suited for many temperature measurement applications. This thick, grey, smooth paste wets most surfaces and will not harden on long exposure to elevated temperatures. It is rated for continuous use between -40 and 200°C (–40 and 392°F).

OMEGATHERM™ 201 provides an excellent means of conducting heat and expanding the heat-path area from a surface to a temperature measurement sensor, thus increasing the speed of response and improving accuracy. Some applications are:
a) Surface Measurement Probes — dab a small amount on the surface and push the sensor into this area.
b) Temporary bonding and encapsulating of temperature sensors — simply dab OMEGATHERM™ 201 onto the surface or in the cavity, plant the sensor in the paste, and tape to hold in place.

This highly versatile paste is supplied in 1/2- and 2-ounce jars, as well as in one- and two-pound containers.

Model No. OT-201
Material Silicone
Cure Not
Adheres to
Wets most
Thermal conductivity
(k)(BTU)in)/(hr)(ft 2) (°F)
Extremely High
Electrical Insulation
Volume Resistivity
Very High
*M=Metal   PA=Paper Products  C=Ceramic   W=Wood   PL=Plastic

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Click to expand/minimize a list of what others bought with the OT-201-1/2  OT-201-1/2 1 Week   $20.25    HIGH TEMP & CONDUCTIVE PASTE, one 1/2 oz. Jar RoHS compliant
Click to expand/minimize a list of what others bought with the OT-201-2  OT-201-2 1 Week   $33.50    HIGH TEMP & CONDUCTIVE PASTE, one 2 oz. Jar RoHS compliant
Click to expand/minimize a list of what others bought with the OT-201-16  OT-201-16 1 Week   $202.00    HIGH TEMP & CONDUCTIVE PASTE, 1 lb. Can RoHS compliant
    OT-201-32    Consult sales   HIGH TEMP & CONDUCTIVE PASTE, Two 1 lb. Cans RoHS compliant
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