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Digital Thermometer, Single- or Dual-Input  - Discontinued

HH11B, HH12B   
1 year warranty CE
Digital Thermometers Dual-Input Single-Input
HH11B, HH12B:Digital Thermometer, Single- or Dual-Input  - Discontinued
$ 83.00  HH11B
°C/°F Switchable
0.1 or 1° Resolution
Hold and Min/Max Functions
Front-Panel Offset Adjustment
LED Indicator for open thermocouple connection
NIST-Traceable Certificate of Calibration (No Points)
Use with Optional KTSS-HH probe or any Type K Thermocouple with SMPW Sub-Mini connector

The HH11B/HH12B series has been upgraded. Please see the new upgraded models, HH11C/HH12C, or contact our Temperature Engineering department.

The HH11B and HH12B handheld thermometers feature Type K thermocouple inputs and are available in either single- or dual-input models. The HH11B is a single-input model that has auto range resolution of 0.1 or 1°. The HH12B is a dual-input meter that allows the user to display T1, T2, or øT (T1 - T2) readings with 0.1 or 1° resolution. Both models are °C/°F switchable and feature front-panel offset adjustment and maximum reading/display hold functions. Capable of measuring temperatures from -200 to 1372°C (-328 to 1999°F), these low-cost meters use any subminiature Type K thermocouple.

Errors contributed by a particular thermocouple can be practically eliminated, over a limited range, by using the recessed offset adjustment on the face of the meter and an accurate temperature standard. An LED warning light indicates when an open thermocouple input situation exists.

Measurement Range: -200 to 1372°C (-328 to 1999°F) Accuracy (Type K Chromium-Alum): ± (0.1% rdg +1°C) on -60 to 1372°C ± (0.1% rdg +2°C) on -60 to -200°C ± (0.1% rdg +2°F) on -76 to 1999°F ± (0.1% rdg +4°F) on -76 to -328°F
European Safety Standards: IEC-1010 and CE - EMC
Temperature Coefficient: 0.1 times the applicable accuracy specification per °C from 0 to 18°C and 28 to 50°C
Display: 31.2 digit LCD, maximum reading 1999
Sampling Rate: 2.5/s
Battery: 9 V (included)
Battery Life: 200 hours typical
Dimensions: 210 H x 65 W x 33 mm D (8.3 x 2.4 x 1.4")

 Part Number   Availability   Price   Description   
 KTSS-HH In Stock   $35.50    Molded Sheathed probe Type K  
 HH-MAG In Stock   $8.50    Magnet strap hanger that affixes to rubber boot  
 SC-HH11A In Stock   $16.90    Deluxe carrying case with holster and magnet hanger  
 CAL-3-HH Consult Sales   $87.00    NIST-traceable calibration with points  
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

 Note: Comes with meter, rubber boot, 9 V battery, NIST certificate (no points), appropriate number of beaded wire thermocouples and operator’s manual.
HH11B and HH12B accept the standard SMPW-type connectors only. These units are not compatible with NMP connectors.
 Ordering Example: (1) HH12B Dual-input Type K thermocouple meter, $101