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Probes with Industrial Heads

Used in industrial applications for process temperature measurement, these probes come in a variety of protection head styles for easy connection wiring to your extension cable
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Thermocouple Probes with Industrial Protection Heads Choices

Many industrial heads to choose from with 1/2" NPT mounting threads with standard and configurable thermocouple probe options including types K, T, J, E and N.


in 2 weeks
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Spring Loaded Thermocouple Probes Protection Heads

Spring loaded protection heads with 1/2" NPT mounting threads. Ideal for use with thermowells. Standard and configurable probe options including types K, T, J, E and N.


in 8 days
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High Temperature Low Drift Thermocouple Industrial Head Probes

Omegaclad XL Thermocouples provide high temperature ranges, up to 1335°C, and low drift probes paired with various industrial head options. Thermocouple type K and N.


in 3 weeks
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