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Choose from a variety of protection accessories including electrical enclosures, test plugs, th...
4 Products
Electrical Enclosures
Electrical enclosures are a key part of many industrial, manufacturing, and laboratory settings. Omega Engineering’s selection of electrical enclosures are designed to house electrical controls, inst...
Wire Sleeves
Wire sleeves are an essential component of many industrial, commercial, and laboratory systems, providing protection and making everyday processes and applications possible. Omega Engineering’s selec...
Thermowells are protective devices used to house temperature sensor probes and allow for accurate and safe temperature measurement. Thermowells are commonly used in a variety of industrial, commercia...
Protection Heads and Tubes
PROTECTION HEADS AND TUBES are vital pieces of equipment in many industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications, and can protect sensitive sensors from temperatures as high as 1,950 oC (3540 oF)....
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