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Pressure Regulators

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Miniature Pressure Regulators for Corrosive Media

This series features a corrosion resistant exterior and small, lightweight construction for applications with limited space and either low flow or dead-end service.

Air Pressure Regulators for High Flow

This series has a poppet valve balanced by a rolling diaphragm to ensure a constant output pressure for applications requiring high flow capacity and accurate process control

Pressure Regulators for Inert Gases - Primary and Secondary Pressure Regulation for High and Low Pressure Systems

This series is no longer available. Please contact our Flow Engineering department for assistance determining a suitable replacement.

Pressure Regulators for Corrosive Media and Harsh Environments

The PRG350 series features a 316 SS housing and filter assemblies along with fluorocarbon elastomers to withstand harsh environments and corrosive gas.

General Purpose Current I/P or Voltage E/P to Pressure Converter

The IP211/EP211 Series pressure converters supports a wide range of pressure supplies from 3 psi to 120 psi with FM and CSA intrinsically safe options.

Compact Current I/P  to Pressure Converter with High Accuracy

The IP610 series are compact pressure converters with a NEMA4-X / IP65 enclosure rating, which makes these perfect for applications where several converters are required.

Heavy Duty Current I/P or Voltage E/P to Pressure Converter

The IP510 series of heavy duty pressure converters comes with FM and CSA approvals for use in hazardous locations with a high accuracy of 0.1%.

Air Pressure Regulators with High Precision

The PRG200 series features precision pressure regulation to within 0.1% of full scale. Control with a pilot valves eliminates many problems found with conventional models.

General Purpose Current to Pressure I/P Converter

The IP210A series is a general purpose pressure converter with a IP65/NEMA 4 enclosure for pneumatic control up to 120 psi with a DIN connection and adjustable zero and span.

Pressure Regulators for Dry Gasses with Dial Gauge Port

The PRG101 series offers a precision measurement capsule and a high gain servo amplifier to achieve high performance in dead-end applications.

Compact Current I/P  to Pressure Converter

The IP710 series provides precise, stable pressure control for pneumatic applications including valve actuators, air cylinders, pumps, etc. with a high 0.1% accuracy.

Miniature Air Pressure Regulators

The PRG98 series of high accuracy, miniature regulators is compact and lightweight for applications with limited space that require substantial flow capacity.

Air Pressure Regulators for Harsh Environments

The PRG300 series is designed to withstand harsh environments and provide accurate pneumatic pressure to instruments, valves, and other automatic control equipment.

Pressure Regulators

Pressure Regulators are essential in many industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. They are used to regulate the flow of air, gas, and liquids, helping to maintain a safe and controlled environment.

Omega Engineering offers a range of Pressure Regulators designed to provide reliable, accurate, and efficient regulation of pressure, helping to ensure a safe and productive working environment. Omega's Pressure Regulators feature adjustable zero and span settings, FM and CSA approvals, and a wide range of pressure supply options. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations, so you can find the right Pressure Regulator for your application. Omega's Pressure Regulators also feature advanced technologies such as current-to-pressure I/P converters, voltage E/P to pressure converters with indicators, heavy duty converters, and air pressure regulators with high precision.
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