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Thermocouple Reference Junction

The cold junction in a thermocouple circuit which is held at a stable, known temperature. The standard reference temperature is 0°C (32°F). However, other temperatures can be used.

If you want to learn more about thermocouple junctions you can read our guide on this link.

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TRP Temperature Reference Probes for Thermocouple Calibration

Accurate thermocouple temperature measurement requires a stable reference junction. It is common practice to create a transition reference junction by attaching a copper le...


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Portable Ice Point™ Calibration Reference Chamber With Build In Temprature Reado...

The new ice point™ reference chamber TRCIII-A is the latest addition to OMEGA’s fine line of calibration reference instrumentation. The TRCIII-A ice point™ reference chambe...


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Ice Point Calibration Reference Chamber and Temperature Reference Probes, High P...

The TRC ice pointTM Reference Chamber relies on the equilibrium of ice and distilled, deionized water at atmospheric pressure to maintain six reference wells at precisely 0...


in 3 weeks
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