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Punches and Hole Saws

If you need punches or hole saws for fabricating panels to hold your Thermocouple Connectors, DIN-size Controllers, or Panel Meters, then you’ll find what you’re looking for at Omega. We carry three styles of panel punches, including rectangular punches, round punches, and punches for DIN-sized controllers. In panels where the metal is too thick for a panel punch, one of our hole saws will do the trick. Each hole saw comes pre-assembled with a saw, pilot drill, and mandril and they’re suitable for use with a hand drill or drill press. Shop our inventory of punches and hole saws today and get the equipment you need to complete a professional job.
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Panel Punches and Hole Saws for Thermocouple Connectors, DIN Size Controllers an...

Panel PunchesThe panel punches are designed to create panel cut outs for OMEGA's family of thermocouple connectors. Three styles of panel punches are available. The CP...


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