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Digital Interface Cards

Accept discrete or digital signals rather than analog signals. Digital Inputs record the on/off status of a field device. Digital Outputs are used to turn external devices on or off. Counters measure the number of accumulated on/off pulses.
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96-Bit and 48-Bit High Current Digital I/OBoards for the PCI Bus

The PCI-DIO96H and PCI-DIO48H are high density, logic level, digital I/O boards for IBM or compatible PC’s with a PCI bus. The PCI-DIO96H offers 96 bits of digital I/O, ...


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Low Profile PCI 24-Channel TTL I/O Board

The OMG-PIO-24-LPCI Low Profile PCI digital I/O interface provides 24 channels of buffered drive digital I/O emulating 8255 mode zero. The board can be utilized for PC-ba...


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Electro-Mechanical Relays/Isolated Digital Input Board for IBM PC and Compatible...

The CIO-PDISO8 board is a low cost, low profile way to control and monitor high voltage ac or dc directly from your personal computer. It provides 8 electro-mechanical r...


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