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Speed Sensors

Speed sensors for both indoor and outdoor environments with optinos featuring kits for motos, geartooth pickup, tachometers, and stroboscopes.
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Speed Sensor Kit for NEMA C Motor Face Mount

This series of speed sensor kits is designed to be directly mounted to a motor's NEMA C face to monitor motor speeds when access to the motor shaft is otherwise impossible.


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Speed Sensor for Direct Motor Shaft Mount

This sensor series mounts directly to an AC or DC motor shaft to monitor speed and direction with a square wave output. NEMA 3R models are also suitable for outdoor use.


in 2 weeks
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Digital 4-in-1 Tachometer System

This series is an entire digital system that functions as four devices in one - a tachometer, counter, totalizer, and zero speed switch. It also includes an alarm relay output.


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Geartooth Pickup Speed Sensor

This compact, rugged series uses an integrated hall-effect sensor to directly sense rotating ferrous gear and other similar gear-type targets over a wide range of airgaps


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