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Head Mount Signal Conditioners

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Head Mount Temperature Transmitters with RFID Communications

The TX400 series is a head mount transmitter that accepts RTD and thermocouple inputs depending on model and provides 4-20mA output. RFID requires TX400-RFID Programmer.

RTD Head Mount Temperature Transmitter w/ User Trim

The TX12 head mount transmitter is a 2 wire 4-20mA transmitter for RTD inputs. User trim allows error null and has pushbutton configuration. LED sensor fail indicator.

2-Wire Programmable Transmitter with Universal Input

The TXUN-ST-FM Series is a 2-wire programmable head mount transmitter with RTD, TC, Ω, or mV Input. FM approved model available (TXUN-FM). Programmable via TXUN-KIT.

Head Mount Thermocouple Transmitter w/ Process Output

The TX31 is a 2 wire head mount process transmitter that converts thermocouples to process signals. Model specific TC type, loop powered. DIP switch range setting.

Thermocouple Input Temperature Transmitter w/ Pushbutton Config

The TX13 head mount transmitter is a 2 wire 4-20mA transmitter for thermocouple inputs. Accepts Type K, J, N, E, T, R, S and mV inputs. Pushbutton range configuration.

Communication Tool for TXUN Series and DRST-FR

The TXUN-KIT is a loop link communication kit used to configure TXUN-ST, TXUN-FM, TXUN-HT, and DRST-FR models. Configured with OMSET PC software.

Head Mount Temperature Transmitters | FM Approved

The TX91-92 series transmitters are head mount with model specific input for TC & RTD ranges. Metal case, RFI shield 2-wire transmitter with 4-20mA output. Non-isolated

Programmable Head Mount Temperature Transmitter for Thermocouples

The TX86 is a universal input for RTD, TC, Ω, POT and mV with 4-20mA output. Field scalable via front panel programmable push buttons. LED display and SSR output.

Miniature Low-Cost Temperature 2-wire Transmitters

The TX91A-92A series are low cost miniature transmitters with inputs for thermocouples and RTDs with 4-20mA output. Non-isolated head mount with upscale break protection.

2-Wire Transmitter w/ Hart Protocol Enabled | 2 Analog Inputs

The TXUN-HT dual input accepts RTD, TC, O, and Bipolar mV Input with 2 wire 4-20mA output. Hart 5 or Hart 7 protocol. TXUN-KIT programmer required.

Field Rangeable Mini 2-wire Transmitters w/ Model Specific Input

Thermocouple, RTD, and mV input models with 4-20mA output. DIP switch selectable type and range. Isolated and non-isolated models available. Loop powered

Miniature Head Mount Temperature Transmitters

The TX93-94-95 series are low profile 19mm design head mountable transmitters with thermocouple, RTD, or voltage input and 4-20mA out. Some models come with TC or RTD probe.

Loop Powered Thermistor Head Mount Transmitter w/ 4-20mA Output

The TX206TH is a 2 wire 4-20mA transmitter with thermistor input. Supports many thermistor types, loop powered, PC configurable range (w/ programmer). Free software.

Head Mount Signal Conditioners

 Head Mount Signal Conditioners are used in a variety of industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. They are designed to convert and condition electrical signals from a variety of sensors, such as thermocouples, RTDs, Ohms, Potentiometers, and mV signals.

Omega Engineering offers a wide range of Head Mount Signal Conditioners, which can be easily configured and scaled to meet any kind of specification. Our conditioners feature a variety of convenient features such as pushbutton configuration, LED displays, SSR output, and user trim. These sensors are small sized and offered in a variety of input and transmission options.
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