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Vortex Flow Meters

Omega's Vortex Flowmeters measure stem, gas, and low viscosity liquids. The meters offer self diagnostics, low flow stability, high accuracy, no moving parts, and displays flow rate and total flow
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Vortex Flow Meters for Industrial Applications

FV-500C vortex flowmeters provide accurate and reliable flow measurement. Optional display permits the display of flow-rates/totals and configures the device


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Plastic Vortex Flow Meter for Corrosive Liquids

The construction of the FV-200 vortex flowmeters is perfect for both aggressive chemicals and slurries or easily contaminated fluids like DI water.


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Economical Pitot Tube Flow Sensors

The FPT-3000 averaging pitot tube flow sensors are compatible with gases and liquids and provide an accurate and convenient method for flow rate sensing.


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Vortex Shedding Flow Meter and Temperature Transmitter

FV101 Series vortex shedding flowmeters are ideal for cooling loop water/coolant solutions and have the option for an integrated temperature transmitter


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