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Humidity and Moisture Controllers

Control the relative humidity of your industrial process or environment with Omega’s humidity and moisture controllers. Choose from the hygrostat controller for enclosed environments and relative humidity controller with remote-mountable probes or microprocessor-based on/off controller for humidification and dehumidification.
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Relative Humidity Controller

OMEGA’s RHCN-3 is an economical relative humidity controller. The probe uses a thin film polymer capacitive sensor which may be mounted thousands of feet from the contro...

455,00 C$

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Hygrostat/Humidistat Humidity Control

Description The MFR012 is designed to control therelative air humidity inside of enclosures.When connected to an enclosure heater,(de-humidifier), it will turn the heate...

121,00 C$

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Relative Humidity On/Off Controller

The microprocessor based RHCN-7000 Series on/off controller provides control for humidifying or de-humidifying. Relative humidity, output status, and error messaging can ...

96,00 C$

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