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Air Sensor Probes

Used specifically to measure the temperature of air and gases. The housings are designed for optimal accuracy and response time, while still maintaining protection from the environment.
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0°C to 100°C Thermistor Air Temperature Sensors with Cages

Sensors available with metal or plastic cages, stripped leads and PVC or PFA cable insulation. 5 resistance curves available. Ideal for laboratory and laminar flow systems.

83,00 C$

in 5 days
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Air Temperature Sensor for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Stainless steel air sensor with 100 or 1000 ohm RTD or 4-20 milliamp output. Enclosure contains screw terminal connections and cable bushing

405,00 C$

in 2 weeks
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-100°C to 250°C RTD Air Temperature Probes M12 Connector

PT100 RTD air temperature probe with M12 connector and NPT connections. Accuracy ranges from Class A to 1/10 DIN and 1/3 DIN per IEC60751. Withstand pressure up to 400 psi.

193,00 C$

in 4 weeks
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-50°C to 230°C RTD Air Temperature Sensors with Cages

Sensors available with stainless steel or plastic cages. PT100 3 wire RTD class A accuracy with your choice of standard or mini 3-prong connector. Great for laboratory use.

154,00 C$

in 3 weeks
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