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Gas Leak Detectors

Omega's refrigerant leakage detectors perfect for maintaining air-conditioning systems with compressors and refrigerants. These units are extermely sensitive to a variety of general refrigerants.
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Ultrasonic Air or Gas Leak Detector

The HHLT-1 converts ultrasonic sound created from an air or gas leaks to a human ear detectable signal allowing you to pinpoint its exact location quickly.


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High Sensativity Refrigerant Leak Detector

The HHLT-2 refrigerant leak detector utilizes a solid electrolyte semiconductor sensor can detect leaks of all commonly used halogenated refrigerant gases.


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Refrigerant Leak Detector

The LDH-380 leak detector is sensitive to a variety of general refrigerants, making it excellent for the maintenance of air-conditioning and cooling systems.


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