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Alert: Omega USA offices and shipping warehouses will be closed for MLK day on Jan. 17th.
The current COVID-19 omicron wave is impacting all levels of our supply chain. Please allow an estimated 2-10 additional business days on top of posted lead times.


Wed Oct 09 15:16:28 EDT 2019 |

How to Monitor pH Levels in a High-Temperature Environment In a process application, such as soaking wood in a water bath, unpleasant odors can be omitted. By neutralizing pH levels in the water bath, odors can be controlled.

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Wed Oct 09 13:12:01 EDT 2019 |

Flow of Paper Stock A customer in the paper industry wanted to measure flow of paper stock pulp on a 250mm SS line with an average flow of 120-150 l/s and a pulp temperature of 45°.

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