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Temperature Tester

Omega carries a range of temperature testers and calibrators for every purpose. We have handheld temperature calibrators and thermometers, thermocouple calibrators, humidity and temperature sensors, surface probe testers, and more. Our temperature testers and calibrators are industrial-grade and built to deliver reliable performance over the long term. When you buy your equipment from Omega, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest-quality equipment available today. Shop at Omega for the devices you need to accurately test and calibrate temperature today.
3 Products found

Industrial Cleaning/Fluidized Baths

FFB51 and FFB52 industrial fluidized baths are our most popular units due to their economical price and smaller size. They offer a front panel mounted rotameter for adjustm...


in 6 weeks
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Fluidized Sand Bath Calibrators

When fluidized solids are heated, heat is distributed quickly and evenly throughout the bath and transferred rapidly to objects submerged in the bath. The bath temperature ...


in 12 weeks
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Temperature Calibrator - Precision Fluidized Bath for Probes

The FFB-8 is a precision fluidized bath, with exceptional temperature stability and uniformity, which make them the ideal choice for critical temperature sensor calibration...


in 10 weeks
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