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Thermocouple and RTD Connectors

If you need thermocouple and RTD connectors, Omega has everything you need to complete your installation or repair. We have circuit board connectors in standard and miniature sizes, field mountable compensated M12 thermocouple connectors, air and moisture resistant multipin thermocouple connectors, and so much more. And, all our connectors are built to the very highest standards, so you can enjoy superior performance that stands the test of time. Don’t trust your thermocouple connections to anyone other than Omega. We’re the company industry professionals turn to most when they need thermocouple and RTD connectors they can rely on.
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Thermocouple Connector Standard Size Round 2 Pin includes Integral Cable Clamp C...

DescriptionImproved Cable Clamp Design:Strain relief and cable clamp needs have traditionally been accomplished by a (legacy style) metal PCLM clam...

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Miniature Thermocouple Connectors Flat Pin with Write-on Window, Standard and Ex...

  OMEGA SMPW thermocouple connectors are mini size flat 2 pin TC connectors designed to connect temperature sensor instrumentation and a temperature controller...

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Thermocouple Contacts For MTC Connectors Precision CNC Machined

OMEGA™ push-in crimp style contacts are manufactured from thermocouple alloy materials and are generically color-coded for easy identification. Contacts are crimpte...

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Very High Performance, Low Noise, High Temperature Standard Size Thermocouple Co...

The new OMEGA™ HGST low noise connectors are designed to provide easy connection of ground wires to OMEGA™ probes and extension wires. The drain wire of a 20 AWG tw...

Starting at 4,28 C$

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3-Prong Standard Size Round Pin Connector for Thermocouple, RTD and 3-Wire Therm...

The OTP 3-prong is standard sized with round pins and is available color-coded for thermocouple or white for uncompensated 3 wire and 3 pin TC connectors. These qui...

Starting at 3,98 C$

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Transition Adaptors, Round Terminal Blocks and Accessory Hardware

TAS adaptors provide quick and easy connections between standard and miniature connector systems. These colorcoded units are available in all thermocouple calibrations inc...

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High Temperature Miniature Connectors - Male Connector

Installation Note :for HMPW-x-F When using the rivet hole as a hold down point the maximum screw size is 3-48-NC or M2.5 x .45 Maximum Torque ...

Starting at 2,25 C$

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Female and Male High Temperature Standard Connectors With Zinc Ferrite Core for ...

Female and Male High Temperature Standard Connectors With Zinc Ferrite Core for EMI/RFI Suppression"

Starting at 3,00 C$

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4-Prong Dual Circuit Standard Connectors

The OMEGA™ DTC is one connector which performs the function of two. The DTC connects two pairs of thermocouple wires or one dual thermocouple and two extension wires. ...

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Miniature Connectors for Ultra High Temperature & High Vacuum Application

SHX subminiature connectors are ideal for use with fine gage thermocouple wires in applications where high temperatures are required. The SHX connector is permanent...

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Heavy Duty Standard Size Ceramic Connectors for High Temperature

Designed for long-term use where economy is a factor, NHXH economy ceramic connectors are ideal for high-temperature applications. NHXH connectors are permanently dot-...

Starting at 2,93 C$

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