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Temperature Surface Sensors

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Heavy-Duty Magnetic Mount RTD Sensors for Ferrous Metal Surfaces

Spring-loaded RTD probes with a powerful 13lb pull magnetic housing ideal for easily mounting to and measuring the surface temperature of ferrous metals up to 400°C.

Self-Adhesive Polyimide Fast Response RTD Surface Sensors, Class B Accuracy

General use fast response RTDs mounted in glass tape & polyimide with a self-adhesive backing for easily measuring surface temperatures up to 290°C. Class B Accuracy.

Cement-On Polyimide Fast Response RTD Surface Sensors

Wire-wound pt100 RTDs encased in a thin polyimide film with fast response times. Can be glued, epoxied, or cemented onto surfaces for temperature measurement up to 290°C.

Bolt-On RTD Sensors with Threaded SS Housing

Bolt-on or bolt-mount RTD sensors encapsulated in a small stainless steel #8-32 or M4 threaded housing. Ideal for bolting to objects to measure temperatures up to 230°C.

Self-Adhesive Polyimide Fast Response Surface Thermocouples, IEC Color

General use fast response thermocouples mounted in glass tape & polyimide with a self-adhesive backing for easily measuring surface temperatures up to 175°C. IEC color-coded.

Thin Leaf-Type Thermocouples for Layered Surfaces

Flat leaf-type thermocouples with mini or standard connectors ideal for measuring the surface temperature of objects with layers like plywood, plastic, paper, and laminates.

Adhesive Pad RTD Sensor

The SAP series RTD sensors come in curved and flat styles. An adhesive pad holds the sensor onto the surface to be measured. The RTD element used is Class A platimum 100 Ω.

Pipe Clamp Thermocouple for 0.25" to 1.4" Diameter Pipes

Clamp-type thermocouple sensor ideal for easily measuring the surface temperature of pipes ranging from 0.25" to 1.4" in diameter. Use with a handheld temperature meter.

Solder Iron Tip Temperature Sensing Thermocouple Module

Thermocouple module intended for easily measuring and validating the temperature of soldering iron tips. Use with a handheld thermometer to easily calibrate a soldering iron.

Combination Surface Thermocouple & Connector for Handheld Meters

Spring-loaded thermocouple element in a short housing that plugs directly into most handheld thermometers for easy ad-hoc surface temperature measurements up to 218°C.

Temperature Surface Sensors

Used to measure the temperature of any flat, curved, or moving surface, Omega offers a large variety of self adhesive, cement-on, bolt-on, magnetic mount, or handheld surface temperature sensors.
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