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Analog Interface Cards

13 Products found
Low Cost PCI-Bus Compatible 8-Channel Analog Input Board

The PCI-DAS08 is a low cost analog input board for IBM or compatible computers with the PCI bus. It offers eight single-ended analog inputs with sample rates up to 50 kHz. ... Read More

PCI 1-MHz 16-Bit Multifunction Boards

The new OMB-DAQBOARD-3000 Series comprises high-performance PCI boards offering 16-bit/1-MHz multifunction synchronous I/O at very competitive prices. This is accomplished ... Read More

100 KS/s and 200 KS/s 16-Bit High Performance Analog and Digital I/O Boards

The OME-PCI-1602/1602F series is a family of high performance and high resolution data acquisition board for the PCI bus. They feature a continuous, 100/200KHz, gap-free da... Read More

110 KS/s 12-Bit High Performance Analog and Digital I/O Boards

The OME-PCI-1202 series is a family of high performance data acquisition boards for the PCI bus. They feature a continuous, 110 KHz, gap-free data acquisition under DOS and... Read More

High-Performance PCI-Based Data Acquisition Boards

The OMB-DAQBOARD-2000 Series sets the price/performance benchmark for high-speed, multi-function plug-and-play data acquisition for PCI bus computers. The hardware design o... Read More

Multifunction Medium Speed Boards for IBM Compatibles

The CIO-DAS08, CIO-DAS08-PGH and CIO-DAS08-PGL low-cost multi-function boards for the IBM PC and compatibles feature eight analog input channels, seven digital I/O lines, a... Read More

PCI Bus 14-Bit 16/8/4 Channel Analog Output Boards

The OME-PIO-DA16U, OME-PIODA8U and OME-PIO-DA4U are multi-channel D/A boards for the PCI bus for IBM or compatible PC. The OME-PIO-DA16U/8U/4U offer 16/8/4 channels of doub... Read More

High-Speed 2 4 and 8 Channel Analog Output Board for PCI Bus

The PCI-DDA series family consists of three models with either 2, 4, or 8 output channels and 48 bits of digital I/O. The PCI-DDA series analog output channels may be updat... Read More

125 KS/s 16-Channel 12-Bit Analog Input Board with Analog Output and Digital I/O for the ISA Bus

The OME-A-822PGH/L are 12-bit multifunction analog and digital I/O boards for PC/AT compatible computers. The OME-A-822PGH/L offers 16 single-ended or 8 differential analog... Read More

High Performance Analog & Digital I/O Boards

The OME-PCI-1800 series is a family of high performance data acquisition boards for the PCI bus. It features a continuous,330 KHz, gap-free data acquisition under DOS and W... Read More

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