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Variable Area Flow Meters

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OEM Style Acrylic Variable Area Flow Meters

FL4000 OEM-style acrylic flow meters are machined from solid acrylic blocks for superb durability. The rear ports extend through the panel for easy hookup.

Stainless Steel Frame Industrial Variable Area Flow Meters

The FLD100 Heavy-duty flowmeters are fully enclosed in a brushed stainless steel case. Ideal for industrial applications with flow rates up to 116 GPM and 250 SCFM.

Easy-view Flow Meters For Water and Oil

The OMEGA's FL-9000 EZ-View flowmeters provide accurate, in-line indication of oil or water flow rates at an economical cost and can be mounted with no straight pipe runs

In-line Flow Meters for Use with Water and Air

The FL-500 Series in-line flow meters feature rugged construction, easy installation and direct reading flow rates for water and air at atmospheric and 90 psi pressures.

Panel Mount Variable Area Flow Meters For Water

FL50000A Series flowmeters feature a rugged, one-piece acrylic body, stainless steel internal parts, rear inlet and outlet ports for panel mounting, and excellent accuracy.

All Plastic Variable Area Flow Meters

All plastic Variable Area Flow Meters for water or water like liquid flow measurement applications.

In-line Variable Area Flow Meter With Limit Switches

OMEGA's in-line flowmeters offer high accuracy flow rate indication for oil, water or air and the ability to either control the flowrate or alarm on high or low flowrates.

Acrylic Variable Area Flow Meters For Air or Water

The FL-2000 Series offers a wide variety of precision flow meters for use in medical, industrial, chemical, and laboratory applications at an economical price.

Economical In-Line Variable Area Flow Meters

The FL-7000A Series of General purpose flowmeters is designed to provide accurate flowrate indication for oil and water. These flowmeters can be mounted in any position.

Easy-view Flow Meters For Water and Oil

The FL-9000 Series flowmeter are rugged, low-cost direct reading industrial class flowmeters that are simple to install. They can be mounted in any position

65 And 150 mm Variable Area Flow Meters

The OMEGA's precision variable-area flow meters for air, water, and gases have up to ±2% of full scale accuracy. (Models ending in "07" or "45" have ±5% FS accuracy).

Direct Read, Panel Mount Variable Area Flow Meters

The FLD is suitable for metering carrier gases in chromatography, indicating and controlling gases in manufacturing processes, and liquid and gas measurement in laboratories.

Easy-View Flow Meters with Adjustable Flow Alarm

The FL9000-AC flowmeters are ideal for a wide range of flow monitoring applications. Additional features include an adjustable flow alarm externally mounted on the meter.

Variable Area Flow Meters With Capacities: 0.5 to 200 GPM of Water

OMEGA's FL-75 flowmeters combine shatter resistant, non-glass construction and laboratory precision accuracy at an economical price. With Capacities: 0.5 to 200 GPM of Water

Indicating Flow Meter with Analog Outputs

Rugged In-Line Flow Sensors Available in 1/2", 3/4", and 1-1/4" sizes are protected in a sturdy cast aluminum enclosure, and are easy to install and mount in any position.

Direct Read Acrylic Variable Area Flow Meter Kits

The FL-2500 Series direct read flow meter kits offer include seven interchangeable direct read scales for air, water, Argon, CO, Helium, Nitrogen and Oxygen.

Acrylic Variable Area Flow Meters For Air or Water

The FLK2000 Series has a maximum temperature rating of 140°F (60°C) and a maximum pressure rating of 125 psi and are the ideal choice for medical and laboratory applications.

65 And 150 mm Variable Area Flow Meters

The OMEGA's precision variable-area flow meters for air, water, and gases feature an easy-to-read millimeter scale and are supplied with correlation charts for air and water

Clear In-Line Variable Area Flow Meters

The FLC Series is the economical way to monitor municipal water flows, verify pump outlets and monitor fluid conditions. Piston design allows for installation in any position

PTFE Variable Area Flow Meters with PTFE Valves

The FL-3000 and FL-3100 flowmeters are designed for applications which involve corrosive or ultra-pure fluids. The meters are equipped with built-in PTFE needle valves.

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Variable Area Flow Meters

Variable Area Flow Meters are essential instruments for accurate flow rate measurement in a variety of industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. These instruments are used to measure the flow of liquids and gases.

Omega Engineering offers a comprehensive selection of variable area flow meters that are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. These devices provide accurate and reliable readings and are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and pressure ratings. With multiple pressure and temperature ratings, these meters are designed for long-term use and reliability.
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