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Interrupteurs de déconnexion manuels

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NEMA 4X Washdown Duty Disconnect Switches

NEMA rated indoor/outdoor enclosed disconnect switches can be used as general disconnect switches or for across-the-line manual motor control.

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NEMA 4X Rated 3-Pole Fused Disconnect Switch

NEMA 4X Fused Disconnect Switch can be used indoor or outdoor for many industrial applications where manual disconnects are necessary.

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Class 10 Overload Manual Motor Protectors

Manual Motor Protectors feature either push-button or rotary manual disconnects to use as power on-off or starting-stopping manual switches.

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Rotary Disconnect Switch: Extended or Direct Handle

Rotary Disconnect Switches provide an economical solution for simple power on-off applications or starting and stopping of equipment.

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Interrupteurs de déconnexion manuels

Démarreurs, contacteurs, relais de surcharge, protecteurs manuels et relais de contrôle.
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