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Appareils de pesage pour réservoir

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Tank and Bin Weighing Systems, Capacities to 2500 Pounds

The TWA3 series are general purpose weigh assemblies that simplify load cell installation and can increase the lifetime of your weigh systems.

Metric Heavy Duty Weigh Assembly with Load Cell Included

The TWAM5 series are the metric version of our rugged, industrial weigh fixtures that provide self leveling and self adjusting for thermal expansion.

Self-Adjusting Weigh Assembles with LC501 Series, Load Cell Included

The TWA5 series are rugged, industrial weigh fixtures with pre-drilled mounting plates that provide self leveling and self adjusting for thermal expansion.

Appareils de pesage pour réservoir

Tank Weighing Devices are an essential component for a variety of applications. These devices are often used to measure the weight of tanks – as well as other large vessels and materials.

Omega Engineering offers a comprehensive selection of heavy duty, industrial grade tank weighing devices that are able to handle a variety of conditions, including harsh environments, high temperatures and corrosive liquids.
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