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Une gamme de contrôleurs à microprocesseur DIN 1/4, 1/8 et 1/16 pour une vaste plage de formats...
8 produits
Régulateurs de pression
Contrôlez et régulez la pression des systèmes fermés.
Contrôleurs PID
Une gamme de contrôleurs à microprocesseur DIN 1/4, 1/8 et 1/16 offrant un vaste éventail de caractéristiques et de fonctions.
Omega has a large selection of thermostats to choose from, including humidity thermostats, in-line thermostats, rugged bulb and capillary thermostats, and so much more.
Contrôleurs de niveau
Measure and control fluid levels in a contained area or facilitate automatic filling and emptying operations with Omega's dependable single and multi-sensor level controllers.
Contrôleurs multiboucle
Omega Multi-Loop Controllers combine higly accurate and configurable multi-channel inputs with a comprehensive set of control modes and output features plus easy configration and setup.
Contrôleurs d'humidité
Omega's Relative Humidity Controllers are available with integral or remote humidity sensors and can be wall or panel mounted. Available in models designed to control humidity inside of enclosures
Contrôleurs de limite de sécurité
Omega limit controllers are designed protect your process by triggering an action once your input has reached a certain limit. Our controllers offer extra features that will enhance your application.
Contrôleurs logiques programmables
Omega offers high quality PLC's from compact "all-in one" programmble logic controllers with graphical color touch screens to DIN mount expandable modular PLC solutions.
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